tirsdag 24. mars 2009

Matthew Barney: No Restraint

kl 21.00

I anledning cinematekenes visning av Matthew Barneys Drawing Restraint 9 torsdag 26. mars, inviterer vi til filmen bak filmen, Alison Cherniks dokumentar fra 2006.

Sakset fra wiki:

“Matthew Barney: No Restraint is a 2006 documentary directed by Alison Chernick. It follows artist Matthew Barney (best known for The Cremaster Cycle) and his collaborator, singer-songwriter Björk, as they embark on a filmmaking journey in Japan. It reveals Barney’s process in creating Drawing Restraint 9, a cinematic “piece” that combines a whaling vessel; 45,000 pounds of petroleum jelly; and traditional Japanese rituals into a fantasy love story.

It premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and had its theatrical release in December 2006 after being acquired by IFC/The Weinstein Company.”

Filmen varer i ca 70 min.

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